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  • The Changelog Itself

    The Changelog Itself

    27 April 2023
    Yogi Seetharaman

    Yogi Seetharaman

    This is Neorepo's first changelog and what better feature to introduce than the changelog itself! Over the last couple of weeks, we've quietly introduced a MDX rendering engine that's now powering our blog, docs, and now this changelog.

    One of the most jarring experiences in many websites is when you're switching between multiple providers for a blog, changelog, and documentation. Each provider has its own style and uses a different datastore. This leads to obvious issues with data consistency and aesthetics. With Neorepo, you'll be able to write all three of these sites in MDX in the same repo as your codebase.

    To add a new changelog entry, create a file in /content/changelog/, with the format date-your-title.mdx

    The first few lines of this MDX file is some self explanatory metadata and the rest of the file is regular MDX.

    title: The changelog itself
    author: yogi-seetharaman
    createdAt: 2023-4-27
    This is Neorepo's first changelog and what better feature to...

    Note that the author field refers to an mdx file in content/authors. The same authors can write both blog posts and changelog entries.

    Other Improvements

    • Revamped onboarding so now it’s easier than ever to get started without initial errors and a more natural flow for getting all your environment variables in place

    • Several updates to missing environment variable errors that may have been confusing

    • UI improvements throughout the app for consistency

    • Better mobile optimization on marketing and in app pages