Neorepo is a starter kit that you can use for an unlimited number of projects. Whether you're trying to learn how to structure your own app or want to rapidly spin up a number of features, it sets you up with a powerful set of features.

Walkthrough video

If you're new to Neorepo, check out this walkthrough video to get a feel for how it works:

Stack and features

Neorepo is designed to bring together a number of powerful technologies. Features include:

  • Next.js: a React framework to create full-stack web applications
  • Planetscale: a fully managed database service
  • Prisma: a database toolkit
  • Auth.js: a user authentication library
  • tRPC: a type-safe API layer
  • Tailwind: a utility-first CSS framework
  • Radix: a collection of accessible React components
  • Vercel: a cloud platform for serverless deployment

Neorepo is built on the fundamentals:

  • TypeScript: a typed superset of JavaScript
  • ESLint: a linter for JavaScript and TypeScript
  • Prettier: an opinionated code formatter

Should I use Neorepo?

If you're looking for a production-ready boilerplate, Neorepo is a great place to start. It's designed to be a starting point for your own projects, and it's built on the fundamentals of modern web development.