Neorepo is available to you as a GitHub template. To get started, click the "Use this template" button on the Neorepo repository

  1. Create a new repository from the template
  2. Clone your repository to your local machine
  3. Install dependencies with yarn
  4. Start the development server with yarn dev

Clone your repository

git clone<your-username>/<your-repo-name>.git

Install dependencies


Start the development server

yarn dev

Deploy to Vercel

Neorepo is designed to be deployed to Vercel.

First, create a new project on Vercel. Then, link your GitHub repository to Vercel. Finally, deploy your project.

To deploy your project, use the Vercel CLI:

To install the Vercel CLI, run the following command:

npm i -g vercel

Use the following command to login to Vercel:

vercel login

Link your project to Vercel:

vercel link